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4 Common Mistakes with Hydroponic Nutrients

When starting hydroponics, it’s easy to make mistakes. Hydroponic nutrients need to be mixed in correctly to make sure your crops grow healthy and strong, however, there are a few common mistakes made when it comes to the grow room.

Mistake #1: Mixing pH Up and pH Down

This is an extremely easy and common mistake to make. Mixing pH Up and pH Down together is very damaging to your plants, but it often happens in hydroponics. If you put too much pH Down in the reservoir when pHing and you notice that the pH is very low, don’t add pH Up to the water.

You should use either a rooting additive or a silica with an alkaline or a high pH level so that you can safely raise the pH level. If you accidentally mixed both pH Up and Down together, it’s best to start over the feed mix.

Mistake #2: Mixing Nutrients Together

Another common mistake that occurs in hydroponics is mixing nutrients together. Hydroponic nutrients are sold in separate bottles for very good reasons, and you should never mix them without water. For example, if you have nutrients A and B to add, make sure to add A in water and stir it well before adding nutrient B.

Should nutrients be mixed in together without water, a chemical reaction will happen and it will turn the nutrients into something that will harm your plants.

Mistake #3: Adding Very Strong Plant Food

Making plant food too strong typically occurs in the flowering stage when PK boosters are added. The base food that you use will already have a specific strength but so will the PK booster or flowering additive that you add. This makes the mix too strong for your plants, however, you shouldn’t water the mix down - this will only translate into more additive being needed.

It’s always best to first mix in your additive according to the number of litres you have to work with. Only then should you add the base food so that the mix has the desired strength. An EC meter will help make sure that you can accurately provide the ideal strength. Should you want bigger yields of higher quality, make sure to reduce the base food as you add more flowering additive.

Mistake #4: Incorrectly Filling the Reservoir

Properly filling the reservoir with the correct ratio of nutrients and water will make sure your plants grow healthy and strong. Whenever you need to make up large volumes of water, it’s vital that you ensure the nutrient is properly mixed.

Should you require 100 litres of water, the best way to mix them with nutrients and additives is to take the quantities needed for the 100 litres but mix them in with 10 to 20 litres of water. This creates a highly concentrated mix until you add the rest of the water up to the 100 litres, providing your crops with a better, more consistent mix.

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