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5 Benefits of Growing Plants in Grow Rooms

Growing plants indoors can protect them from harsh weather conditions but that’s not all. Grow rooms are preferred by growers across the UK for a wide variety of reasons. Hydroponic growing could be the solution you’re looking for to healthy, strong, and plentiful yields all year around, every year.

Any Season, Any Weather

Grow rooms let you grow plants you may otherwise not be able to due to weather and location. When growing in the garden, you’re at the season’s mercy and there is a limit to what kind of plants you can grow. 

You don’t need to worry about only being able to enjoy your favourite vegetables during the summer months, as grow rooms allow you to adjust temperature and environment according to what you’re growing.

With this controlled environment you’ll notice little to no pests. There is a much smaller change of pests finding their way to your plants - with the adequate hygiene practices undertaken, of course. Fewer pests mean fewer worries that you’ll lose an entire crop, time, and money.

Higher Plant Yields

Plants grown with hydroponics don’t have to worry about lack of water or nutrients, as both are constantly available. If your plants don’t need to spend valuable energy reserves searching for water, they might grow faster than garden plants. The extra oxygen from the water also improves their nutrient absorption, which equals more growth.

With this free availability of water and nutrients leading to more growth, it’s only natural that you could expect bigger plant yields. Essentially, hydroponics cuts down the middleman, making plants’ lives - and yours - much easier. 

This can lead to great results with:

  • Better water management. Plants can freely take all the water they need, which could lead to double the yield compared with growing with soil.

  • Growth all year around. When you’re not limited by season or weather, you can see an increase in plant yield.

  • Balanced temperatures and CO2. Higher CO2 levels and temperatures between 24℃ - 29℃ are ideal to increase your plants’ yield.

  • Increased plant density. Unlike in the garden, grow rooms allow you to grow plants much closer together, or even vertically, which can provide you with a massive increase in yield.

  • Ideal and controlled lighting. Grow lights give your plants the exact amount of sunlight they need.

Controlling the Nutrients Plants Receive

Nutrients in hydroponics aren’t lost, they simple circle around the system so that plants can take what they need to grow strong and healthy. It often proves to be very cost efficient, as you only need a small amount of nutrients per litre - and you can apply the exact nutrients each crop needs throughout all growth and flowering stages.

The result? A perfectly balanced nutrient solution without worry about individual nutrients affecting each other. The controlled nutrition allows you to give different plants the specific levels they need, leading to healthier and happier plants. 

More Relaxed Growing

For you and your plants. When growing plants outside, you’ll likely find invasive and unwanted plants that steal moisture and nutrients from the plants you’re growing. And the only way to remove them without damaging your plants is by removing them one by one, which can prove to be hard work.

Similarly, garden soil has harmful bacteria that work against your plant growing efforts. You don’t need to worry about harmful bacteria or unwanted plants with hydroponics, as soil isn’t used. This also translates into no tilling, as there is no soil that needs to be prepared.

Spend less time fighting the environment; grow rooms let you create the perfect growing environment, which lowers your daily tasks.

No Room? No Problem!

Whether you have an entire room to dedicate to your grow room or a small area, hydroponic growth is a space-efficient solution. Plants compete with each other in soil for both nutrients and space - something you don’t need to worry about with grow rooms. 

And because plant roots don’t need to expand and reach out to look for nutrients and water due to having them available 24/7, plants don’t need a lot of room. Some growers set up their grow rooms with vertical hydroponic gardens to grow more with less.

Interested in hydroponic systems and grow rooms? You can find your local hydro shop or become a stockist of some of the UK’s leading brands in hydroponics.