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House and Garden Roots Excelurator

House and Garden Roots Excelurator is the most powerful root stimulator currently available on the market. This powerful root stimulator ensures a massive explosion of root mass, rids the plants of any brown roots, root diseases and provides an excellent rhizosphere (root environment) in the growing medium.

Roots Excelurator creates a film around the roots, which functions as a kind of membrane. It keeps harmful diseases and germs out of the root zone but allows the absorption of nutrients.

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Rhino Silent Thermostatic Fan Controller

The controller’s sensor scans the environment every 20 seconds to determine the best fan speed for the set optimum temperature.

Housed in durable steel casing with a galvanised back panel ready to hang either inside or outside of the grow room.

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Rhino Silent Day/Night Fan Controller

Silently controls both intake and exhaust fans. Adjusts fans to run at different speeds during lights-on and lights-off periods.

Also powers an oscillating fan when lights are on and a heater when lights are off.

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Rhino Silent Fan Controller

Silently controls both intake and exhaust fans, allowing negative pressure to be maintained.

Housed in durable steel casing with a galvanized back panel ready to hang either inside or outside of the grow room.

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Plant Magic Oldtimer Magnesium

Organic Magnesium will prevent Magnesium deficiencies, resulting in faster growth, better fruit development and increased aromas.

This product will give a boost of Magnesium within the growing media, quickly releasing it to the plant.

The perfect organic supplement to accompany any nutrient line for soil and compost users.

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Plant Magic Pure Clean

Plant Magic Pure Clean is a super effective cleaning agent that works perfectly in any system, alongside any nutrient regime.

It will ensure pumps, parts and tanks are free from salt deposits and build up. This will prevent blocked tubes, pumps and the failure of moving parts.

Pure Clean will also break down salt build up in the root zone for better nutrient uptake and prevention of toxicity.

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House and Garden Coco

House and Garden Coco is a natural plant substrate made from the cleanest coco peat available in the world today, direct from one of the leading substrate manufacturers in The Netherlands.

House and Garden Coco is not sterilised or treated with harmful chemicals to retain the natural beneficial of the cocos substrate. 

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Plant Magic Soil Supreme

A light and well aerated blend of sphagnum peat, Fytocell foam and organic growth stimulant. Soil Supreme provides a superior rooting environment allowing young plants to become established at a quicker rate.

Unique Fytocell foam is 100% biodegradable and retains moisture without inhibiting aeration. Fertilised with enough nutrition for the first week of growth; Soil Supreme offers growers maximum control over nutritional content.

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Gold Label HydroCorn

High quality, uniquely shaped, RHP certified clay pebbles. These 8-16 mm uneven pebbles provide a free draining, highly oxygenated root zone and unparalleled stability.

The unique uneven shape is an ideal surface for roots to bind to and beneficial bacteria to colonise and the porous structure of the core of the pebble has a high water capacity, releasing water and nutrients as the plants need them.

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Gold Label HydroCoco 60/40

The ultimate Ebb & Flood mix! 60/40 is an exclusive mix that offers the free draining capabilities of clay, with the moisture retention and rapid rooting properties of coco. The combination of Gold Label 8-16mm clay pebbles and coco substrate provide a free draining, stable rooting structure, that is pH buffered and has a very low EC; offering maximum control over nutrient content. This mix is RHP certified; rest assured of the highest quality.

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House and Garden Bat Special

Bat Special is House & Garden's premium quality soil mix. It contains German black peat and Baltic white peat, both of which carry the RHP stamp. Perlite, lime and bat guano is then added to the mix, this provides extra fertiliser to your plants.

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Gold Label Special Mix

Expect golden results from the golden bag! Based on a secret Dutch recipe, this flagship product is the result of over 20 years continuous development. A heavily fertilised blend of peat, perlite, minerals and organic matter, Special Mix contains enough nutrition for the first 6 weeks of growth.

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Rhino Carbon Filters

The activated carbon in Rhino filters has been ground to a fine powder so there are no air pockets in which odours can remain, instead plant and fertiliser odours are trapped and absorbed.

The carbon has been positively charged so it attracts organic particles like a magnet! Every filter is checked and certified to confirm the source and quality of the carbon.

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The Original Adjust-A-Wings reflector system. Features a superior high grade, glass coated aluminium shade which reflects 95% of all available light and will not dull or corrode under normal grow room conditions.

Each Adjust-A-Wings Avenger is supplied with the Super Spreader, allowing growers to position lamps as close to their plants as possible and utilise the maximum amount of light.

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Gavita Digital Ballasts

Power HPS and metal halide lamps cooly and quietly with these digital ballasts. Digistars output at a very high frequency which prevents acoustic resonance. 

The soft-dim feature reduces light output in 60 second steps to protect your crop and extend the life of the lamp. 

Suitable for use with Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lamps.

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Gavita Plasma Full Fixtures

These Light Emitting Plasmas (LEP’s) emit a spectrum of light much closer to natural sunlight than can be achieved by Metal Halide (MH) or High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lamps. 

Gavita LEPs produce very low levels of heat radiation, meaning they can be positioned close to the crop for improved light absorption. 

The wide glass spectrum filter allows low quantities of UVA and UVB light to pass while shielding crops from UVC. 

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Rhino Fan Controller

The Rhino Fan Controller is a convenient and simple way to quietly control fan speeds in your grow room in order to manage temperature and maintain negative pressure.

Intake and extraction fan speeds can be set to maintain negative pressure in the grow room using the Rhino fan controller.

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Gavita HID Full Fixtures

Gavita HID lighting is extremely efficient. They are the light of choice with Dutch commercial greenhouse growers, impressive considering Holland has almost 40,000 acres of greenhouses.

No degradation in light output for the first year of use (5,000 hours) Plants receive optimum light spectrum and intensity. Customers achieve excellent crop quality and larger yields.

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Green Power Contactors and Relays

Ordinary timers can’t cope with the electrical charge required to switch HID lamps on. Ordinary timers are at risk of fusing making the timer fail – so your lights will remain on or off, damaging your plants.

Green Power contactors protect against this damage by controlling the switching through the contactor instead of directly through a small timer.

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Sunblaster T5 Propagation Lights

The SunBlaster T5 produces more light, with less energy input, and less heat output than other lamps thanks to its NanoTech-enhanced reflector.

The Sunblaster's reflector captures and reflects 99.9% of previouly lost light and increases lumen availability by 300%. It also diffuses light deeper into the plant foliage and uses 50% less energy than standard fluorescent lamps.

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Imperium Feed Duration Timer

The Imperium is a precision feed controller, which offer’s greater control over feeding duration and frequency to match each life-stage in a plants growth. It allows you to feed little and often which will produce maximum yields.

The Imperium can be used with any timed grow system, it has 28 feed settings that can feed from 1 second up to 15 minutes, at the push of a button.

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