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Master Controller

The Gavita Master Controller* is ideal for large scale growers as it makes the process of managing hydroponic lighting easier and safer.

*e-series products only

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Easy. Safe. Flexible. Sexy.

Gavita Master Controllers have been designed to control e-series ballasts and full fixtures electronically without any additional timers and contactors. They provide central hydroponic lighting control and advanced safety features to safeguard your crop. The entry level system is available in a 1 channel (EL1, 40 ballasts) and 2 channel system, (EL2, 80 ballasts or 2x40 ballasts in two 12/12 rooms). The EL2 has extra alarm contacts and can drive the ECM1 external contactor units for auxiliary equipment as well.

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Master Controller EL1

Master Controller EL2

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