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Sealed grow rooms are less susceptible to aphids, however, they can be very dangerous due to reproducing asexually. Just one aphid can cause a serious population boom and infect your plants very quickly. These soft-bodied insects feed with a straw-like mouth, which pierces into the plants and sucks the sap.

Signs of Aphids in Plants

Both adult and nymph aphids cause damage to plants when they feed, especially when in high numbers. These insects tend to prefer the soft, young leaves and buds, forming colonies that just keep multiplying.

When aphids feed on plants, honeydew as a byproduct. Honeydew is sticky and fluid-like, clogging leaf surfaces and attracting other bugs like ants. Some signs and symptoms of aphids in your plants can be:

  • Sticky plant leaves and stem

  • Black leaves

  • Distorted fruits and flowers

  • Leaf curl

Aphid Prevention

There are several steps you can take to prevent aphids in your plants. You should always make sure that you use only growing media from trusted suppliers. Soil or other media from unknown origin can often be infected by aphids.

When growing plants in hydroponic methods or other growing methods in which plant roots are visible, it’s vital to frequently check roots for aphids. You may be able to see aphids in a white mite stage attached to the growing container. Introducing beneficial nematodes into hydroponic solutions as soon as you notice the pest can help to slow the spread.

How to Deal with Aphids

Plant Magic’s Bugicide helps to control aphids, psyllids, spider mites, mealybugs, and whiteflies. It can be used repeatedly to control pests as they don’t become resistant to Bugicide. And you can even control varied other pests and mildew.

This Bugicide doesn’t harm birds or bees and it can be used in all types of fruits, flowers, and vegetables. Whether you’re growing indoors or outdoors, you can use it right up to harvest. Perfect for safe and effective pest control.

Badly infested plants need to be removed. They can risk the rest of your crops and the health of your entire hydroponic grow system. The most effective way to deal with aphids is to make sure they never enter your grow room, which might happen accidentally. Make sure to keep on top of your plants health and check regularly to see if you spot any signs of a spreading infestation.

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