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How to Choose Your First Hydroponics Grow System

Hydroponics are ideal to grow plants indoors, which is particularly important if you don’t have a garden or any outdoor space. Depending on your growing needs and unique situation, you’ll need a specific grow system for your plants.


Drip System

Extremely popular as a hydroponics solution, a hydroponic drip system provides plants with a thriving environment. The system can be set up with grow containers so that every plant is provided with their own pot. Alternatively, you can place plants in grow beds where they can share just one root zone area.

A Wilma grow system is ideal for growers looking to grow between 4-20 plants, use either soil, coco coir, mixed, or pebbles as a medium, and growers who want to easily move plants according to needs.

It uses a timer to make sure the nutrient solution is dripped into the tops of the tops every day, at set times. Run-off is drained back into the reservoir to prevent root rotting. The reservoir in Wilma systems can have between 30-180 litres of nutrient solution to provide you with peace of mind if you can’t visit your plants every day.




  • Easy installation process.
  • Less water is needed to grow plants.
  • Crop yield is maximised.

Be Mindful

  • Maintenance costs can be high.
  • Not ideal for lawn areas.
  • Drip hoses can be damaged by movement and UV rays.


Ebb & Flow


Did you know Nutriculture has the record for the world’s longest tomato plant? We grew it with an Ebb & Flow system!


As a classic, an Ebb & Flow system has a centralised flood and drain component on a shallow table. It’s connected to timers so that the feed schedule can be properly controlled, alongside an overflow valve that controls the water height on the tray.

The system provides a nutrient solution into the growing media while pushing out stale air. This allows for the roots to take up the nutrients and water they require. You’ll notice bigger yields and more productive growth.

Even if grow rooms aren’t spacious in height, plants can easily be grown with Ebb & Flow. Grow plants in either Rockwool, clay, soil, or coco coir in a system built with reliability and durability in mind.




  • Plants can easily be moved.
  • Tailored to space and financial needs.
  • The system is simple to set up.


Be Mindful

  • Vulnerable to power outages.
  • Minerals can build up over time.
  • Potentially unstable pH levels.



Plants’ roots are suspended in the air with periodic misting of the nutrient solution onto the roots. This grow system is one of the most sterile and cleanest systems to grow plants in, as it provides very little areas for bacteria to grow in.

The Amazon Aeroponics system consists of mesh pots that hang down. Plants have constant access to the nutrient solution, as its sprayed around the roots. This leads to plants always having an optimum balance of both oxygen and nutrients.




  • Plants need less water and nutrients.
  • Ideal for small grow rooms.
  • Simple and easy to maintain due to its efficiency.


Be Mindful

  • Expert knowledge of hydroponics may be needed.
  • Component breakdown could quickly cause plant death.
  • Plants eventually outgrow the system.

Nutrient Film Technique 

Also known as NFT, this system doesn’t require extra growing media. The nutrient solution is continuously provided to plants’ bare roots, allowing run-off to flow back into the reservoir. Without soil restricting access to water, nutrients, and oxygen, plants grow extremely fast.

You can transfer the plants by simply tipping them out of their pots and placing them into Gro-Tanks without adding extra growing media. If you used Rockwool, you can just place the block straight onto the tray of the Gro-Tank for transplantation.

NFT systems are easily scalable to larger systems and you can grow up to 120 plants.


  • Root health can be seen very easily.
  • Plants need less water and nutrients.
  • No need for a lot of growing media to be used.


Be Mindful

  • Not the ideal choice for plants needed a lot of support.
  • Plants with large tap-root might not do well.
  • Plant roots may clog the system.


Deep Water Culture

Deep Water Culture is a very simple system to use. It doesn’t require timely feeds and there’s no need to worry about over or underwatering plants. Just make sure the system doesn’t run out of nutrient solution.

You only need a handful of clay pebbles per plant to help keep plants upright. Compared to soil, this grow system has an extremely fast-growing time, allowing you to grow big yields. You need to be mindful of pH fluctuations, EC levels, and Pythium.


  • Compact system with little space needed.
  • Ease of use and maintenance.
  • Potentially more cost-effective for beginners.


Be Mindful

  • Reservoir size needs to match plant growth area.
  • The system isn’t expandable.
  • Plant roots can become entangled.

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