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How to Use Climate Control Systems Efficiently

Climate control systems are essential to keep your grow room running efficiently. Having the ideal climate for your plants helps yields grow strong and healthy. But what do you need for an efficient climate control system in your grow room?

Grow Room Basics for an Ideal Climate

  1. Co2 levels: 1,000ppm-1,200ppm. This provides your plants with up to 40% faster growth.

  2. Temperature: For day/lights on, it should be between 24℃-28℃. For night/lights off, it should be 22℃-23℃.

  3. Humidity levels: For propagation, you need 70%-85%. For vegetation, you need 65%-75%. For flowering, you need 45%-65%.

Climate Control Systems: Extraction

How is your grow room set up? You need to take into account the types of lights you’re using, the size of your grow room or space, and the time of the year. In the summer, for example, you’ll need to extract more air. It’s always advised to overdo than underdo.

You need an extraction fan to extract air from the grow room - but how do you know how much air you need to extract from the room?

  • Multiply the grow tent’s length x width x height, which gives you how much space your grow lights cover. 

  • Multiply the number by 60 to know how much air you need to extract per hour.

If you want to be extremely precise, you can:

  • Subtract 15% for a cool basement.

  • Add 20% for a warm attic.

  • Subtract 25%-30% if you’re using air-cooled lighting.

  • Add 20% if you’re using a carbon filter.

Climate Control Systems: Intake Fan

Should you only need to extract a small amount of air, then an intake fan will get the job done. You do, however, need to make sure that less air is drawn in than extracted, as your grow tent may become overfilled and unfiltered air start seeping out.

It’s not recommended that you use an intake fan and an extractor fan of the same size. Should you do so, make sure to run the intake fan at a slightly slower speed than the extractor fan. With an intake fan 25% to 30% weaker than the extractor fan, they can be run at the same speed.

Keep in mind which direction your room faces, as south-facing rooms are warmer and may require a bigger extractor fan. You also need to make sure that intake and extractor fans are on opposite sides of the grow room to prevent air that was just drawn in to be extracted.

Climate Control Systems: Fan Controllers

A fan speed controller is essential for a convenient and simple way of controlling the speed of fans in the grow room. Rhino fan speed controllers, for example, are a quiet solution to managing temperatures and maintaining a negative pressure.

Set the temperature you want and the fan speed controller will do the rest; should the temperature become too high, fans speed up to maintain negative pressure. This provides an easier and more efficient way of controlling your grow room without you having to worry.

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