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Hydroponic Grow Systems: Drip Irrigation Systems

Drip irrigation systems are utilised in hydroponic grow rooms to regularly provide water and nutrients to plants. Through small perforations in tubes or hoses, these low-pressure grow systems typically deliver water to all roots evenly with a pressure of between 5 to 15 pounds per square inch.

Your dripper system can be pressure-compensating or pressure-sensitive, with the former providing the same flow of water over a wide range of pressure and the latter providing more water per emitter at relatively high water pressures.

Wilma System

Media: Any

Grows: Between 4 to 20 plants

The Wilma includes:

  • A convenient nutrient mixing tap.

  • A much easier way of accessing the reservoir.

  • An improved spacing between all pots.

The Wilma system was developed through a collaboration between Atami and Nutriculture, ensuring ease of use with less maintenance due to the timer providing automatic feeding. Simply fill each pot with the desired growing medium, set the timer for the feeding duration and frequency needed, and the systems does the rest by delivering a nutrient solution to the pots through the drippers.

Wilma grow systems have been developed to provide the simplest way possible of producing high yields. You’ll find it available in a wide range of sizes to ensure all growers find the solution that fits their needs the best.

Clay pebbles can be utilised with the grow system due to the frequent watering, which provides considerably more air around the roots than other medium. This provides bigger yields through both flexibility and simplicity. The system should be treated as a re-circulating one and the tank topped up with half strength nutrient solution every few days when using this medium.

When using absorbent media such as rockwool, soil, or coco, the Wilma should be treated as a dripper system containing a catchment tank. Absorbing media requires arrow drippers and clay pebbles require flood drippers.

The Atami’s ATAclean will help to prevent dripper blockages. Feeds should be set on a segmental timer; for young plants in clay pebbles, you can start with 2x or 3x 15-minute daily feeds. With absorbent media, you can set 1x or 2x 15-minute daily feeds, which are to be increased as plants mature.

Flo-Gro System

Media: Clay pebbles or mixed

Grows: Small numbers of high-quality plants

These systems allow for:

  • Bigger yields and maximised growth from large plants.

  • Ideal to cultivate from cuttings.

  • Longer and more frequent feeds are delivered through the timer.

Flo-Gro systems are super-oxygenated pots that produce extremely big yields. Plants in clay pebbles receive the nutrient solution through a dripper ring according to the timer settings. The nutrient solution is pushed through the pump and up to a dripper ring, which then drips the nutrient solution over the clay pebbles.

The solution that plant don’t absorb are drained back into the tank, which pulls fresh oxygen to the roots and encourages growth. Watering often but little is the key to provide more oxygen to plants, something the Flo-Gro allows for through the use of non-absorbent clay pebbles and a timer.

Clay pebbles allow for a faster draining speed and for more oxygen around the roots than other media. The way the Flo-Gro is shaped and due to its size, a large amount of clay pebbles is exposed to the air and even more oxygen is present in plants’ rootzone.

Make sure plants have their ideal growing conditions throughout their lifecycle by only altering duration and frequency of feeds controlled with a timer. The timer should be set for 3x 15-minute daily feeds at the beginning and increased to 6x 15-minute daily feeds as plants grow. When plants are flowering, leaving the pump on when lights are on will maximise yields.

IWS Dripper System

Media: Coco, soil, 60/40, pebbles

Grows: Up to 24 plants

Ideal for growers wanting to:

  • Grow plants at a larger scale.

  • Grow plants in pots.

  • Have the option to add pots when needed.

  • Choose how to space the pots.

IWS systems have 28 different feed duration options easy to use with coco or soil. This hydroponic grow system is very popular among growers due to these media, as they allow for greater flexibility with grow room, pH and EC levels, and water temperature.

The timer settings control how the nutrient solution is pumped from the water butt to the drippers and to the pots, dripping into their top. Saucers below the pots catch any run-off, which is pumped to a catchment tank for improved drainage and to prevent waterlogging. This run-off is stored until a trigger level is hit and then pumped to waste.

At Nutriculture, we have a wide range of hydroponic solutions for growers at all levels, ensuring the best possible equipment for plant health and growth. Get in touch today to know more about our products or to become a stockist.