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Hydroponic Lighting - Gavita Master Controller

For the larger scale grower the Gavita Master controller (compatible with all e-series products) also makes the process of managing lights easier and safer. 

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Compatible with Gavita e-series Full Fixtures, LEPs and Ballasts, to control the on/off periods of your Gavita lights choose the Master Controller. It switches lights on and off in a way that helps prevent heat stress and rot and it has great safety features.

 The Master Controller reduces the chance of rot by gradually changing light intensity. Experienced growers know that it takes times for the temperature of plants to adjust to the air temperature and that when cooler fruits and leaves make contact with warm air condensation forms which can trigger botrytis (rot). Gradually powering lights on and off means grow room temperature and plant temperature are more in balance greatly reducing the chances of rot.

Heat stress is also prevented by the temperature monitoring system of the Master Controller. You choose a temperature at which the lights will be dimmed and one at which they will switch off, and you can choose to receive text alerts in these circumstances, so there are no surprises when you visit your grow room.

 That’s not all though, the Master Controller reduces inrush current by connecting to the ballasts via low voltage control currents, it can control lights in two different rooms with different lighting schedules and it can control additional equipment, like CO2, heaters, plasma lights, etc inline with the lights on/off periods.

Ask your grow shop about the Master Controller.

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