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Hydroponic System Introduction Videos

Gro-Tanks & Multi-Ducts Video  

Gro-Tanks & Multi-Ducts

Gro-Tanks & Multi-Ducts are media-less low-lying grow systems for up to 120 plants. They've been our Best-Selling constant feed system since 1976 because the growth is so impressive!

This is due to roots having unrestricted access to nutrient solution and oxygen – maximising nutrient solution uptake, growth and yield.

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Wilma Video  


The Wilma dripper system is the most versatile grow system, with an option to suit every grow space.

The Wilma hydroponic dripper system is designed low to the ground so that growing space is filled with plants and not the hydroponic grow system.

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Flo-Gro Video  


If you're growing a couple of plants or have a mother plant you want to keep in veg for cuttings, the Flo-Gro is ideal.

It’s almost impossible to overwater a Flo-Gro because the dripper ring releases solution slowly and the pebbles offer excellent drainage. The speed of the draining through the pebbles reoxygenates the roots at every feed ensuring long-term root health.

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Ebb and Flood  

Ebb & Flood

If you're an experienced grower choose this super-oxygenated Ebb & Flood system to make maximum use of the free-draining nature of clay pebbles.

The Ebb & Flood can either be filled with clay pebbles – acting as a large pot, or can be filled with pots containing any growing medium. This bottom-flooding growing system with a timer produces massive yields thanks to the way it provides roots with superb access to oxygen.

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Amazon Video  


Aeroponics is the ultimate growing method with the biggest yields and fastest growth. We produced 7ft of growth in 5 weeks in several trials.

Propagate aeroponically in an X-Stream propagator or propagate in a coir pellet, either way just transplant straight to the Amazon with a handful of pebbles.

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Quadgrow & Octogrow Video  

Quadgrow & Octogrow

Quadgrow and Octogrow offer the next level of performance for growers used to hand-watering pots. 

Plants are automatically fed and watered without pumps, timers or electricity and without sitting the roots in water.

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Oxypot DWC Video  

Oxypot (DWC)

Rarely is something so simple to use so effective. Oxypots are popuar because there's no timer, very little media and the root growth is exceptional.

The plants are placed in a mesh pot containing pebbles and the roots hang down into the growing chamber which contains an air pump that continually oxygenates the nutrient solution. 

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X-Stream Propagators Video  

X-Stream Propagation

The unique environment in an X-Stream Aeroponic propagator results in incredible root development and plants that are ready for transplantingsooner than ever. Cuttings are ready to transplant in just 10-14 days!

While the X-Stream Heat combines the heat and humidity retention of the X-Stream lid with an ultra accurate, thermostatically controlled heated base.

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IWS Flood and Drain  

IWS Flood & Drain

Up to 80 plants can be managed from one timer and one water butt, with the IWS Flood & Drain - The most Popular modular hydroponic system.

Drainage is excellent with this Grow System and clay pebbles hold very little moisture – the roots have excellent access to oxygen so you must increase feed timings as the plants grow.

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IWS Dripper Video  

IWS Dripper

The most finely tuned dripper system available - 28 feed duration options. Up to 48 pots can be spaced however you choose and they can all be controlled from one timer and one water butt.

The IWS Dripper can be used with coco and soil – making it exceptionally popular with growers who like the fact that these media allow more leeway with grow-room and water temperature and pH and EC levels.

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IWS Deep Water Culture

Up to 24 pots can be linked to one water butt in this DWC system that stabilises EC and pH or 36 pots in the recirculating version.

The recirculating option constantly pumps nutrient solution between the pots.

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IWS Hand Watering  

IWS Hand Watering

The IWS Hand-Watering Kit prevents water-logging and the build-up of excess salts and flushes the media at every feed.

Collecting run off from traditional hand-watering pots is extremely difficult and if you have several pots can be very time consuming as each needs to be done separately.The IWS hand-watering pots are linked together so all run off is collected and pumped to waste from all the pots at the same time.

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