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Indoor Growing Equipment Checklist

The right hydroponics equipment will allow you to build a highly efficient grow room, which removes the stress from your day-to-day life and from your plants. You’ll see better and bigger yields, whether you’re a beginner or an expert in hydroponics.

Rockwool Cubes

Rockwool cubes are ideal for cuttings and seedlings in the grow room. Grodan are a premier brand of Rockwool, holding the prestigious KIWA Dutch award for quality and the European Eco Label award. They offer exceptional quality in the form of clean, light, and easy-to-handle cubes and slabs for your hydroponic needs.

Grow Tent

Give your plants the best possible growing environment with a grow tent. They’re easy to put together and use, providing a controlled environment and removing the worry of the surrounding environment and the elements affecting the plants. Grow tents are also ideal, portable options that can be completely automated for efficiency.

pH Meter

Knowing the pH level of the nutrient solution and grow medium is vital in hydroponics. When pH levels are too low or too high, plants can’t get the correct nutrients in the right amounts. The ideal pH level in hydroponics is between 5.5 and 6.5. An EC meter will also help ensure that you provide plants with the best possible growing environment.

Hydroponic Lighting

The right lights for your hydroponic needs will ensure that your plants receive the amount of light they need for better and stronger growth. Hydroponic lights provide plants with the perfect exposure to light, from propagation to vegetation and flowering.


A timer and contactor control day and night settings accurately and appropriately; normal timers can’t handle the electrical charge when the lights are turned on. Protect your grow room against damage with a timer and contactor.


Your grow tent will have at least two ventilation holes: one to pull in fresh air and another to expel stale air. Ducting is essential in grow room ventilation to allow for air to pass through from the grow tent and into a filter.

Carbon Filter

Carbon filters help keep your grow room clean and odour-free alongside providing an optimal airflow for your plants. They’re an ideal solution to purifying the air inside the grow tent. All you need is an inline fan to suck the air out, ducting to suck the air through, and a high-quality grow tent with ventilation ports. 


Easily view and control both temperatures and humidity levels in your grow tent. A combined thermometer and hygrometer is an efficient way of displaying the conditions in the grow tent and the nutrient tank in just one unit.


Fans for grow rooms and tents are an invaluable part of ventilation. Plants need plenty of fresh air and carbon dioxide so they can grow healthy and strong. With the optimal air going into your grow room, you can easily control both temperature and humidity levels.

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