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Is Your Grow Room Too Cold?

A cold grow room will have a negative effect on your plants. You’ll start noticing plant stems becoming purple before growth starts to become stunted. This results from reduced nutrient uptake and decreased photosynthesis levels.

You’ll have a poor yield result with a low overall quality. With temperatures starting to severely drop as winter approaches, it’s time to make sure your grow room isn’t too cold so that you can have strong and healthy plants.

Adjust the Temperature of the Nutrient Solution

If you’re mixing and storing nutrient solutions over a period of days, it’s important that the temperatures stay between 18°C-21°C. Plant roots will go into shock if the temperature drops too low, which leads to a slowed-down absorption and impeded growth.

Should the temperature be too warm, oxygen levels decrease and plant growth slows down. In addition, plants become more susceptible to a variety of diseases such as Pythium (or root rot).

A submersible heater is ideal to help keep the temperature of the nutrient solution at an optimum level. Newa have an automatic and fully submersible heater that allows you to adjust the temperature control and maintain the correct temperature.

The heater allows for both savings and safety, with each component created for a reliable and efficient solution. It’s also fitted with a safe and sensitive thermostat that allows for a constant temperature to be maintained.

Invest in Reflective Sheeting

Although it’s advised that heaters are used with caution, they’re perfectly safe to use as long as you don’t point them directly at your plants. You can use heaters outside grow tents, for example, to warm up the surrounding air.

When directly pointed at plants, they typically result in damaged plants, lower humidity, and stunted growth.

Reflective sheeting helps to increase light intensity without using more electricity. It also helps to provide an even distribution of heat with very low risk of plants being damaged due to too much heat. Reflective sheeting works by diffusing and spreading light to plants’ bigger areas, lower sections, and foliage.

EasyGrow sheeting, for example, has a variety of options such as diamond-diffusion foil, white sheets, black and white sheets, and more. Provide a safe and secure environment for plants to grow while having an even heat distribution.

Move Your Intake Fan

Make sure to move your intake fan so that you can draw air from indoors. If you draw outside air into your grow room, then you’ll be bringing cold air in and creating an environment in which it’s more difficult for your plants to stay warm. By drawing in air from inside, you’ll be providing warmer air that is richer in CO2.

A fan controller in hydroponics can easily and silently help control intake and extraction fans. It will aid in maintaining both constant temperature and negative pressure within your grow room. 

Making sure your grow room has an optimum temperature during the colder months will help ensure your plants grow as strong and healthy as possible. What may seem like a few simple steps can protect your yields from dying off over winter.

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