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Plants need oxygen too!

A lot of people forget that Oxygen is one of the most vital nutrients a plant requires - plant roots need oxygen for aerobic respiration, this is a necessary process that aids roots in taking up nutrients.

One of the first signs of low oxygen levels in a plant is wilting under warm or bright conditions. Insufficient oxygen availability for plants will reduce their ability to absorb nutrients and water. This in turn will reduce photosynthesis and carbohydrate conversion. All of this will have a detrimental effect on plant growth and yield size. If you notice these signs in your plants there is a good chance they are lacking oxygen.

If a lack of oxygen continues, plants will develop mineral deficiencies and roots will begin to die or collapse due to stress, this makes it easy for pathogens such as Pythium to attack. An effective method of increasing a plants oxygen levels and avoid all of the afore mentioned problems occurring is simply to aerate the nutrient solution. The best way to do this is to use an air pump or air stones. Pumps offer an inexpensive way of forcing oxygen into the nutrient tank, making it easily accessible for the plant.

Pumps are widely available in many sizes. They can be used alone to oxygenate nutrient solutions, however studies show that smaller bubbles, like those created by an air stone are more effective. Pumps can be connected to one, or multiple air stones, depending on the size of your nutrient tank and the needs of your plant.

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