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Product Spotlight: Wilma System

As a joint collaboration between Atami and Nutriculture, the Wilma system has been designed to provide a simple solution. As easy to use as a pot, Wilma doesn’t require as much maintenance due to the automatic feeding timer. These systems have several benefits:

  • Growing between four to 20 plants

  • Trying varied grow media

  • Moving plants as needed under lights

  • Reservoir between 30-180 litres capacity

How Does Wilma Work?

As a hydroponic drip system, Wilma makes use of a timer to drip the nutrient solution into the pots several times a day, every day, and at the same times. Run-off is drained back into the reservoir to ensure plant roots don’t rot. It’s advised that only strong and healthy cuttings or transplants are placed in this system.

If you’re using rockwool cubes, make sure to remove any and all packaging before use but don’t wash the medium. Place the grow medium in the propagation blocks just so that it covers them but so that it doesn’t cover first true leaf or seed leaves.

With rockwool cubes or clay pebbles (inert open draining media) ensure to thoroughly wet them and allow them to drain before use. With compost or coco (soil-type media) ensure that it’s thoroughly damp before use.

Using the Wilma System for Young and Mature Plants

One of the best ways to use Wilma is to use a 15-minute segmental timer to ensure the system is automated. With young plants, it’s advised that the system be run for several short periods rather than a single, long watering.

Young plants don’t require too much water, and it’s preferred to slightly underwater than to overwater. One or two daily periods are ideal for young plants, making sure not to overfeed them - around half a dose of nutrient strength is enough for these plants.

With mature plants, observation will be needed so that you can determine how much watering they need. Never allow any grow media choice to dry out completely as it will have a direct, negative impact on your plants.

Additionally, the maximum floods advised are one “on” period per hour during daylight hours. Fully mature plants, however, might not need this amount of watering.

Ease of Use

Wilma systems don’t require daily maintenance tasks. All that is needed is for the nutrient solution to be kept at a strength and pH level indicated by the growing schedule or the nutrient label instructions.

Every two to three weeks, the nutrient solution should be changed in its entirety - but make sure to check the speed of growth, relative plant maturity, and environmental conditions to see if a change is needed more often.

All of the drippers in this dripper system need an occasional check to guarantee their correct flow rates. Flush the system completely with a cleaning agent or a weak acid solution between crops and flush with water before you replant your crops.

Hints and Tips

  1. Place your plants into the Wilma pots with the grow media of your choice (pebbles, soil/coco, or mixed media).

  2. Add hydroponic nutrients and water.

  3. Set the timer 2x 15 minutes at the beginning and build 5-6 in Flower.

  4. Make sure to check pH levels every week (the ideal range is considered to be between pH 5.8-6.2).

  5. Change the nutrient solution every two weeks.

  6. Should the environment conditions include low night-time temperatures, solution heating can be used.

  7. Plants can benefit from one watering, only using water, to help prevent salt build-up. This is particularly important in soil-type media.

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