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Smartgro Ultrasonic Humidifier

The Smartgro Ultrasonic Humidifier is an easy and energy efficient way of creating the perfect environment for indoor growing.

By harmonizing the temperature with humidity, growers can help stimulate strong healthy leafy plants with vigorous growth.

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The Smartgro Ultrasonic Humidifier enables growers to create the perfect environment for indoor growing.

• Provides 28 hours of constant humidity

• Can be used in grow tents, outbuildings, greenhouses, cold frames, sheds, garages and conservatories

• High quality manufactured

• Comes with an easy to clean water tank unit and a unique multi directional nozzle

• Each humidifier is supplied with a 1.5m power cable and is fitted with a UK 3 pin 240V plug

By managing humidity levels, growers can create the perfect grow environment, preventing plant deficiencies and stimulating bigger, healthier yields!