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Sunblaster T5 Propagation Lighting

Sunblaster high light output, low temperature T5 strip lights offer a cost effective lighting product that can be used for the propagation and grow phases of cultivation.
Use them individually or connect up to 8 together to cover a larger growing area.

Available in 5 sizes: 
30cm, 45cm, 60cm, 90cm & 120cm

These lamps typically last for 10,000 hours 

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Sunblaster T5 lamps - Bright, cool & super-efficient

The future’s bright and cool thanks to Sunblaster NanoTechnology

The SunBlaster T5 produces more light, with less energy input, and less heat output than other lamps thanks to its NanoTech-enhanced reflector.

The Sunblaster's reflector captures and reflects 99.9% of previouly lost light and increases lumen availability by 300%. It also diffuses light deeper into the plant foliage and uses 50% less energy than standard fluorescent lamps.

The Sunblaster T5 produces so little heat that it can be placed 1" to 2" above the plant canopy which maximises photosynthetic response.



How It Works

The SunBlaster T5, with its NanoTech reflector diffuses light deeper into the plant foliage and uses 50% less energy than standard fluorescent lamps.
So little heat is produced that the lights can be placed 1" to 2" above the plant canopy which maximizes photosynthetic response.

What is NanoTechnology?
NanoTechnology is a manufacturing process of extreme precision measured on the nanoscale.
The SunBlaster reflector was made by working within tolerances of between one and 100 nanometers. A single sheet of paper is 100,000 nanometers thick!

NanoTech reflector explained
The NanoTech metallic crystal in the reflector absorbs, reflects, corrects and shatters the light which then exits the reflector as diffused light.
This diffused light has a wider spread and penetrates deeper into the plant foliage.
The NanoTech crystal layer is enhanced with 2 layers of optical grade reflective film and a protective external layer.

More Information

Sunblaster T5 lamps recreate the natural light spectrum your plants need, allowing them to grow bigger, healthier and faster. 

Integrated Reflector
SunBlaster is the only T5 with a patented NanoTech-enhanced reflector, exclusively from NutricultureDGS.
These T5HO lamps come complete with a revolutionary nanotech T5 reflector, which increases the spread of light considerably. 

Full spectrum output

With a Kelvin rating of 6400K, Sunblaster T5HO lamps are the ideal light for the propagation and grow stage of the plants life.

Great Value

Average lamp life of 10,000 hours. That represents a lot of crop cycles.
They also come complete with power cable   

Low temperature operation

These lamps operate at low temperature, so you don’t need to worry about them increasing the heat level in your grow room.

Integrated Reflector

These T5HO lamps come complete with a revolutionary nanotech T5 reflector, which increases the spread of light considerably.


Connect up to 8 lights quickly and easily


Each Sunblaster T5 lamp weighs just 100g making them ideal for tents

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