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Gavita Reflectors

Gavita Reflectors

As lamps change, so do reflectors. Introducing a complete new line of reflectors made from Vega/MIRO aluminium. These reflectors are highly efficient and specifically developed to work with double ended lamps. They can replace standard reflectors from the Pro line fixtures and HortiStar reflectors.

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HR96 DE reflector

The HR96 reflector is a medium wide reflector made of a very high grade Miro aluminum which provides optimal reflectance of light to your crop.

  • Replacement shade for 1000W & 750W Gavita lights
  • Deep cross penetration - light reaches plants from all angles, like sunlight!
  • Great for light overlap– for an intense, even spread of light
  • Uniform growth – thanks to a lot of overlapping light
  • 96% reflective vega/MIRO® aluminium surface
  • Loses just 1% of reflectivity over 1,000 hrs of use
  • Optimum, even spread of light (138o beam angle)
  • Easy to fit – plug and play!

W150 DE reflector

  • Wide spread for unrivalled uniformity and efficiency
  • Can be positioned closer to the crop in a large room
  • Easy to install - No tools
  • Suitable for use with 750 – 1000W HPS
  • Can replace standard Pro line fixture and HortiStar reflectors
  • Optimal distribution from lower light levels

M110 DE SR reflector

  • Light levels and uniformity never before seen from a single fixture
  • Easy to install – No tools
  • Suitable for use with 750 – 1000W HPS
  • Can replace standard Pro line fixture and HortiStar reflectors