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House & Garden Aqua Flakes

Aqua Flakes has been designed specifically for recirculating hydroponic systems such as IWS and Ebb and Flood.

Aqua Flakes Grow has been formulated for the vegetative stage of growth of your plants.

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Aqua Flakes - Phosphorus is fixed into the nutrient; this is easily absorbed by the plant and will stimulate a successful blooming cycle.

Aqua Flakes Grow - Is a nitrogen based fertiliser which gives your plants everything they need for aggressive growth in the grow cycle.

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Growth Feed Propagation Week    
1 2 3 4
Aqua Flakes Grow 1.5-2ml/ltr 2ml 2ml 3ml 3ml
EC Base Nutrients 1.0 1.2 1.2 1.4-1.6 1.4-1.6
Roots Excelurator 0.3ml 0.3ml 0.3ml 0.3ml 0.3ml
Amino Treatment 0.2ml 0.3ml 0.4ml 0.5ml 0.6ml
Multi Zyme 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml 1ml

All measurements are ml/litre.