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Humboldt Structural Integrity

Structural Integrity is a silicate supplement that improves plant strength and rigidity and provides protection against pests and difficult environmental conditions.

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Structural Integrity strengthens leaves and reduces moisture loss so leaves remain erect allowing more light to the lower level of the canopy. It also strengthens stems so they are capable of holding up heavier fruits.

Silicon-enriched cell walls are harder for insects to feed off and are also less vulnerable to damage from heat, intense light, cold, drought and mould.

Research has shown that silicates also nhelp speed up the growth of clones and seedlings by as much as 80-90%. 

Structural Integrity includes added potassium to boost flower production.

Application Rates:

Use through the entire grow from clone or seedling stage.
Hydroponics: 1-3ml per 4 litres of reservoir water.  Change nutrient solution weekly to avoid excess sediment.

General Application: 1-3ml per 4 litres of water every 1-2 weeks.

Foliar Application: 1-3ml per 4 litres of finished spray solution.