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Complete Lighting Kit

Gavita Pro-line E-Series – Available in 600w, 6/750w and 1000w versions.

Complete kit - ballast, reflector and lamp.

These Gavita complete lighting kits combine a high frequency lamp, adjustable ballast and 96% efficient reflector to deliver an incredible light output that makes a huge difference to yield size and quality. 

You’ll get 10 – 25% more light output for the same power and the plants will receive 8% more plant-usable light.

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Lighting explained


Gavita Pro-line E-Series light systems are brighter, cooler and far more efficient than other kits.

They are highly effective at maximising light output, using on average 20% less electricity than air-cooled lights. A 1000watt kit will light more than 1.5 sq. meters per 1000 μmol m-2 s-1.

These energy efficient lighting kits provide plants with 8% more usable light so you can expect an increase in yields of up to 10% and higher crop quality.

Complete kit - ballast, reflector and lamp

  • Double-ended lamp with high output and 5,000 hour lamp life expectancy
  • Silent and cool-running ballast with slow dim to ‘off’ to reduce stress on the plants and lamp
  • 4 dim and boost settings on the ballast
  • Easily replaceable lamp and reflector – no need to replace full fixture
  • Reduced RF interference - your TV and radio will remain unaffected.
  • 96% efficient reflector
  • Maximum weight is just 6.35kg
  • Covered by a 3 year warranty

Connects with Gavita Master Controller to control up to 80 lights without contactors and timer

More Information

Product Option


Gavita Pro 600e SE UK

  • Lights more than 1 square meter with 1000 μmol m
  • Includes Gavita Pro Plus 600W 400V EL DE lamp
  • Compatible with Gavita Master controller
  • Control range 50-115% (300w, 400w, 500w 600w, 660w)

Gavita Pro 600/750e DE FLEX UK

  • Lights more than 1.5 square meters with 1000 μmol m
  • Includes Gavita Pro Plus 750W 400V EL Double Ended lamp
  • Compatible with Gavita Master controller
  • Control range 50-115% (400w, 500w, 600w, 750w, 825w)

Gavita Pro 1000e DE UK

  • Lights more than 2 square meters with 1000 μmol m
  • Ballast has 4 power options (600w,750w, 825w, 1000w, 1150w)
  • Includes Gavita Pro Plus 1000W 400V Double Ended EL lamp
  • High output and efficiency - A++ energy rating
  • Compatible with Gavita Master controller

Questions & Answers

Can reflectors be replaced?

Yes, Gavita E-Series reflectors are easily replaced. By replacing your reflector every 2 years you will maintain optimum light output from your fixture.

To replace the reflector….
Hold the reflector, and pull the lever on the opposite side to the ballast. The reflector will be released. See Gavita Holland’s video tutorial for more information

Can the E-Series be used with the Master Controller?

Yes, using your fixture with the Gavita Master controller enables you to control up to 80 ballasts across 2 separate rooms. It will also enable you to gradually turn lights on and off – Mimicking natural sunrise and sunset.

The master controller will take care of your grow room with minimum input from you, and it removes the need for timers and contactors.

How many fixtures can be connected?

When using the Gavita Master Controller up to 80 ballasts can be connected across 2 rooms

What is the output adjustable from and to?

E-Series full fixtures can be adjusted from 50% output to 115% output

How easy is it to replace the lamp?

Really easy. Slide open the terminals on either end of the lamp you are replacing and remove.

Do not touch your new replacement lamp with bare hands, always wear gloves to prevent oils transferring onto the lamp (this can cause lamps to shatter)

Place the lamp in horizontally so only the end wires sit in the terminals. Slide the terminals shut and you’re all done.

Why is the ballast vertical and not horizontal?

The ballast is vertical because it features cooling fins, hanging it vertically directs heat away from the plants.

The design also reduces RF interference, so your TV and radio etc. will remain unaffected.

What is the guarantee period?

Your Gavita lighting fixture is guaranteed for 3 years. Please make sure you keep your receipt as proof of purchase

What kind of lamp can be used?

Gavita lighting kits include HPS lamps. They offer superb output and are efficient to run.

Pro-line E-Series 1000w and 6/750w include HPS double ended lamps. The Pro-line E-Series 600w uses a single ended lamp.