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Why choose Rhino carbon filters?

Rhino Carbon Filter

Why choose Rhino filters?

UK Hydro stores have voted Rhino their favourite brand of carbon filter, we’re very grateful – thank-you.

Here are some of the reasons Rhino Filters perform so well…

The best source material - Rhino Filters only contain virgin RC412 Australian carbon which is incredibly pure, every batch is tested and certified. Our carbon purity means more of the material in every filter is effective at scrubbing the air.

Large pores - RC412 burns at a very high temperature which creates bigger pores than carbon from other sources. These large pores scrub the air of large particles without clogging, even during 2 years of heavy usage.

Granulated not pelletised - Granulated carbon has up to 50% more active surface area than pelletised carbon and has a very low ash rate, which is why granulated carbon attracts and captures more unwanted particles.


Effective at low contact time – Air needs to contact the carbon in Rhino filters for approximately 0.05 seconds to remove all impurities. This is one of the shortest contact times of any carbon available.

Highly positively charged – RC412 burns at very high temperatures, which charges it with positive electrons making the carbon very effective at attracting VOCs such as odours. The carbon acts like a magnet to odours, dust etc. scrubbing the air clean before it leaves the grow room.

Light - The filter exterior is made from aluminium making Rhino filters light to handle and fit into place.

Maximum Airflow – More than 50% of a Rhino filter shell is holes, this mesh-like structure combined with the vortex cone inside the filter shell ensure air flows through the filter efficiently so the carbon can capture the unwanted particles.

More carbon – Our filters are packed by machine so you get more carbon and less movement.

So, that’s why Rhino Filters have been voted the UK’s favourite.

If you want to offer your customers the UK’s favourite carbon filter then you need to stock Rhino. We always have stock and will never let you down.