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Top 4 Grow Room Essentials You Need

Hydroponic grow rooms have a few main essentials needed in addition to grow systems and a nutrient solution. Ensuring that every detail is controlled and accurate will provide you with the results you want - healthy plants and a big yield.

Thermometer and Hygrometer

A thermometer is essential in any grow room to ensure that temperatures are ideal for plants. If it’s too high or too low, plants can be negatively affected and die. Combining a thermometer and a hygrometer allows you to control both the temperature and the humidity levels in your grow room.

Knowing the content of moisture in the air prevents plants from suffering from mildew and mould, as too high or too low levels are detrimental. Humidity and temperature must be checked at both canopy and root levels so plants can thrive in a controlled environment.

Heating and Cooling

A submersible heater, for example, allows you to accurately maintain temperatures in your grow room with a high level of safety and performance. In addition, this heating solution is cost effective and automatic for an easy, adjustable temperature control without incurring high costs. The sensitive and safe thermostat was designed with both reliability and efficiency as priorities.

Additionally, installing a fan in your grow room prevents temperatures from being too high. Make sure to add a fan controller to automatically adjust the fan’s speed, as the controller scans the surrounding environment every 202 seconds to ensure the best fan speed.

pH and EC Pens

pH and electrical conductivity (EC) levels in nutrient solutions need to be controlled for healthy growth. The pH level in your nutrient solution will depend on both the grow media and the plants you’re growing, being more alkaline or more acidic according to their needs.

Balancing the grow media and making sure that nutrients aren’t locked out is essential to maximise crop yield. As the exclusive distributor of HM Digital in the UK, at Nutriculture we understand the importance of accurate control of these levels. It’s recommended that pH levels are kept between 5.5 and 6.5, with a change of 0.5 only per day, and EC levels should be kept between 1.0 and 2.0.

Should you need to lower your EC level, you can easily dilute the system by introducing fresh water. Make sure to measure regularly while adding water to the system until the EC level has been corrected. To increase the EC level, all that is required is to add fertiliser.

Hydroponic Lighting

Hydroponic lighting helps plants to grow and bloom properly with adequate light exposure. When plants are in the growth stage, they tend to require between 15 to 18 hours of light. When in the bloom stage, plants tend to require between 10 to 12 hours only.

HID lighting tends to be utilised for indoor grow rooms, having varying wattage sizes for different plant needs. Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights are the most common types of HID lighting, each ideal for different growth stages.

MH lights are composed of a green-blue spectrum, making them ideal for the growing stage. HPS lights are composed of an orange-red spectrum, making them ideal for the blooming stage. We have a wide range of lighting for all of your gardening needs that you can browse through, ensuring that your plants have the light required for healthy growth.

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