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Top Benefits of a Heated Propagator

Turn Up the Heat with a Heated Propagator!

A heated propagator helps seeds to germinate quickly with a constant temperature when indoors. Virtually the same as an unheated propagator, the built-in heat mat in heated propagators help to overcome plant growing limits due to cold weather.

Make sure to increase your plants’ success rates through using a high-quality propagator such as the X-Stream propagator.

What to Look for When Purchasing a Heated Propagator

The size of the heated propagator needs to be adapted to the plants you are thinking about growing. A bigger propagator might not heat up as quickly as a smaller propagator, however, there is a decreased change of your seedlings rotting due to condensation.

A thermostat, adjustable or non-adjustable, is something to consider if you want a propagator that is self-regulating. This will help you account for colder temperatures at night or depending on the season. Make sure that your propagator has ventilation panels, as these help to lower temperatures when these are too high - something not even thermostats can directly do.

Ease of Use

If you’re looking for a heated propagator with no hot or cold spots, even humidity levels, and accurately maintained temperature, then the X-Stream Heat propagator is a great choice. Utilising any propagation medium, either seeds or cuttings are placed on the propagator’s heated base. You can easily set the temperature with the digital thermostat, which reads and maintains the desired temperature.

The temperature can be fully adjusted between 5°C to 30°C so that crops grow in a perfect environment. The lid ensures that both heat and humidity are maintained optimally and the vents can be opened to reduce humidity levels, hardening the plants gradually for transplanting.

Maximum Temperature Control

With a digital thermostat, the temperature of the heated propagator is always clearly visible for optimal monitoring. Both heat and humidity levels are easily set and maintained for the perfect and specific growing environment that each crop needs.

Adjusting the temperature is achieved through placing the thermostat probe in the needed area. For root temperature setting, the probe must be placed at the base of the propagator. For air temperature setting, the probe must be suspended in the propagator through an adjustable vent.

Keep in mind that placing the heated propagator on the floor will slow the rate at which the temperature is adjusted. Additionally, root temperature will always be around 1°C to 2°C higher than the air temperature in the propagator.

Even, Large Scale Plant Growth

With such optimal temperature control, the X-Stream Heat provides precise growing conditions throughout the propagator. This eliminates heat or cold spots so that all plants can be transplanted together.

Serious growers in need of space will find the X-Stream Heat’s capacity extremely useful. With most heated propagators being more suited for small scale growing only, this propagator can fit three trays of Grodan SBS cubes.

Energy Efficiency

The X-Stream Heat propagator was designed to fit propagation lights, we recommend choosing lights which provide low temperature but a high light output. Using lights that recreate plants’ natural light spectrum ensures crops grow healthier and bigger much faster. 

A heated propagator provides plants with the best possible environment needed for successful and healthy growth. Find your local hydro shop to find out more.