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Triplestar Adjustable Reflector

Triplestar reflectors keep the light focussed on the plants. They can be set to deep, medium and wide positions and each side can be set differently to suit the needs of the grower and the plant phase.

Whichever position you set the reflector to light uniformity is never less than 90%.

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The Triplestar is a very compact and versatile reflector creating a better and more even light distribution in any situation.

The three Miro Aluminium reflector plates are replaceable, so you never have to replace your complete reflector again. We recommend changing reflector plates every year.

The lamp cord terminal is shielded by a metal housing. Equipped with an E39 lamp socket the Triplestar 600 is suitable for MH and HPS lamps ranging from 400-600 Watt.

Each plate is independently adjustable, meaning light spread can be controlled, keeping the light where it should be, on your plants. They can be set to deep, medium and wide positions, as well as symmetric and asymmetric, to suit the specific need of the grower. 

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The Triplestar 600 can be adjusted to 3 different positions: Wide, medium or deep. This means you can hang your reflector high above your plants in a deep position for better climate control or close and wide when positioned in tight spaces.

For every position the uniformity of the light is better than 90%.

In set-ups with more reflectors you can adjust them asymmetrically, wide in the middle for more overlap and better uniformity and deep at the sides to direct the light down, away from the wall.