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WINNERS!! Garden Culture Great UK Hydro Store Survey

Now we’re not known to brag but…. Look at these brands of ours voted top of the crop!! Crack open the bubbly!

Garden Culture magazine conducted a survey, putting you the retailer in the driving seat. They wanted to know the favourite UK Hydro brands and they wanted it to come from the horse’s mouth.

Rhino Carbon Filters voted the UK’s preferred brand of Carbon Filters.

We know our Rhino filters are great, but it’s so good to hear that you guys love them too! Both our Pro and Hobby filter ranges use virgin granulated carbon and are made from lightweight aluminium for easy handling. The only difference is that the carbon bed is deeper in the pro filter for a longer life. The carbon used in Rhino filters has been positively charged so it attracts organic particles like a magnet!

A-A-W voted the UK’s favourite reflector.

The stunning level of care and passion that goes into making the Adjust-a-Wings reflectors has paid off! The attention to detail and expert craftsmanship that creates these dazzling reflectors is second to none. With the ability to mimic the seasons in order to offer plants natural growing conditions, we are not remotely surprised they are the retailer’s choice of reflector!

Gavita Digistar Ballast voted the UK’s preferred Digital Ballast.

Gavita Digistar adjustable electronic ballasts guarantee maximum lamp output regardless of fluctuating input voltage. They operate completely silent, cool, safe and are more efficient than magnetic ballasts. A deserved winner in our opinion!

House and Garden voted in the UK’s top 3 favourite nutrients.

Great news, as the ever popular nutrients will be back on your shelves by August. So let’s give this award winning nutrient line a warm welcome back!

Atami Bloombastic voted in the UK’s top 3 favourite additives.

This powerful bloom boost is one of the nation’s favourite additives, thanks to its secret formula that is 3 x more powerful than other bloom boosts, just one 325ml bottle per 650L of water!

HM Digital voted in the UK’s top 3 favourite pH and EH meters.

Conductivity and PH are two of the most important variables in nutrient management, so make sure you’re stocking an award winner!