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What Size Fan, Filter and Lighting Set-Up Do I Need In My Grow Room? 

Maybe this is the first time you've setup a grow room. Or possibly you're increasing the scale of your grow. Either way, sometimes it can be a little confusing when it comes to choosing how many plants you'll get in a certain space and how you'll provide them with enough light and ventilation.

This is a basic illustrated guide on how to choose the right equipment to get the most from your crop in a given space.

We've used some of the most popular growing space sizes and detailed the size of fan, filter and number of grow lights you might want to use to get the best results possible.

So, before you get growing, check out what you'll need and make your next crop your best crop.

How to calculate the size of fan and filter you need?


Smaller Scale Set-Ups

Given the size of the spaces we're dealing with here, there's only adequate space to have around 4 plants growing. 
These guides are advisory and we encourage you to choose the number of plants and the equipment that suit your needs best.

For improved yields we recommend that you use a hydroponic system, but if you prefer to hand water, using pots and soil will work equally well with these configurations.

Mid-size Set-ups

These slightly larger set-ups allow you to increase the number of plants you can cultivate. Or, simply provide more space for a smaller number of plants to grow. 

Again, we've shown hydroponic systems to represent the number of plants that you might want to grow in a particular space, but they can be replaced with pots and media.

At this point we're moving from a single light setup, to multiple units. 


This set-up has the space to accommodate more plants, should you want to maximise the number you want to grow. We have simply shown an IWS Flood & Drain 6 plant set-up as it is a favourite of a number of growers.

If you are looking to cultivate a larger number of plants, this set-up could potentially accomodate 8. You would though lose space to grow wider, bushier plants. 

Large Scale Set-ups

These are the 'big-boys'. The spaces that allow growers to grow a larger number of plants. 
At this point you'll notice that you'll need to increase your fan size considerably and maybe use up to 4 lights to get the most from your crop.
Again, this is for illustration and we always encourage each grower to discuss their requirements with the knowledgeable staff at their local hydro shop.

If you're growing on a larger scale like this and need to add more lights to your grow room, make sure to keep an eye on the temperature. 
Look to avoid it rising above 21 degrees celsius if possible. If it does, look to increase the velocity of your fans when idling, or use a fan controller with a temperature probe