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Which PK Booster is Right For You?


 PK Boosters

First of all, what is a PK booster?

PK’s Boosters are nutrient supplements containing Phosphorus and Potassium and are designed to be used throughout flowering periods of the plants’ growth.
PK boosters produce a chemical change within the plant which encourages them to hit the flowering stage earlier, because all energy is directed towards the end of stems which brings about rapid growth.
This increases the time flowers and fruits have to develop, helping to produce bigger, better yields!

Phosphorus and Potassium

What do Phosphorus and Potassium do for your plants?

Phosphorus is a part of the vital nutrients needed by all plants, aids energy transfer in the flowering stage and strengthens cell formation. As a result, it improves quality and increases flower size, weight and potency!

Creates chemical changes within the plant, speeds up growth and is responsible for plants quality and rigidity. Stimulates the plant to produce enough sugars resulting in a better tasting crop!

Which PK is Right For You?

There are several PK boosts on the market with different ratios, so choosing the right one for you can sometimes be difficult.

PK 13/14
Ideal for the Novice Grower

PK 13/14 (13% potassium, 14% phosphorus) boosters are perfect for the more relaxed or beginner grower due to their low concentration and ease of use.

Platinum PK 9-18
For the Grower Wanting Bigger and Better

Then, there are the PKs that pack a bigger punch. These have a much higher ratio of PK, giving the plant the maximum amount it can absorb to get the most out of the flowering period.

Plant Magic Platinum PK 9-18 is a highly concentrated premium PK booster with a difference.
It contains double the amount of potassium to phosphorus which is shown to really boost your flowers and fruits to their full potential. The result is hugely increased yields, flower structure and flavour, giving plants the best possible finish. Due to its high concentration and complexity it is recommended for experienced growers.

Plant Magic - Ignition

Use alongside Ignition flowering boost during the later stages of growth to enhance yield.


Give your plants the boost they need with a PK Boost! For more information on the Plant Magic range click here.