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Why we’re Coco about 60/40

There’s no doubt about it, we are a nation of coco lovers. But what if we are missing a trick? What if we could have all the benefits of coco… And more!

Gold Label 60/40 is a perfect mix of 40% premium RHP certified Coco and 60% mixed shape clay pebbles. This careful balance protects against drying out, oxygen starvation, clumping and compacting. Providing a top-quality rooting environment.

RHP certified coco… So what?

Only mature woody coconut husks are selected for this mix, guaranteeing premium quality and even moisture distribution.

  • Trichoderma rich – protects against pathogens
  • Holds 8-10 x weight in water - as a buffer between feeds
  • Fluffy, light texture – for excellent air to water ratio
  • Clean – no fillers, no ground contact during production
  • Lab certified - every batch is the same, grow after grow
  • pH stable

What’s so great about mixed shape pebbles?

This is what makes Gold Label 60/40 superior to others. The unique shape of the pebbles results in faster root growth

  • Mixed size and shape provides oxygen-rich root-zone
  • The pebbles are porous so water is available between feeds
  • Clean, pH neutral, pH stable and low EC

With all of these benefits in one superb mix, why would use any other media? Give your plants the best media and be rewarded with enormous root growth!