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Why you need good air movement in your grow room

First things first, who wants to be stuck in a stuffy, hot, humid room? Nobody! Well that’s how your plants feel too. Like you, they want a temperature-controlled space that has plenty of lovely fresh air.

Why use an air circulation fan?

You can help to solve these problems in part by using air movement fans to create an even air flow distribution throughout the grow room.The primary reason is that plants grown indoors can be more at risk of small climate changes than plants grown outdoors. And to that end it’s important that proper airflow exists around your plants. Without proper airflow plants can experience quick changes in humidity and pockets of space where there are depleted levels of CO2. This can cause problems such as nutrient lockout and pest infestation due to mildew issues.

This should ultimately lead to stable CO2 levels, relative humidity and steady air temperatures.

Moisture movement

When you have air flowing over plants leaves it will move moisture away from leaves during transpiration.

The constant removal of moisture from the leaves means that the chance of developing mold is severely reduced. It also helps you to avoid the threat of powdery mildew too.
What this will do is enable your plant to take up more water and nutrients into the roots.
Air circulation fans and grow room heat 
Air circulators are intended to be pointed to the corners of your growing space, or if you have equipment in your grow room that might generate heat, such as lighting ballasts and reflectors, or even chillers. 
As they work they tend to emit heat and the air circulator will help this to dissipate or at least distribute it more evenly around the grow room.

Positioning your air circulation fan 
When using an air circulation device, you need to make sure that it is pointed away from plants as much as is possible. By directing the air circulation fan at the plant, you risk causing them wind-burn.
Your aim is to recreate the movement of a gentle breeze so there is a slight movement of the leaves on the plants.We recommend all growers have an air circulation device in their grow room and there are many types to accommodate the space that your growing in. To see our range of ORA air movement fans follow this link.